Canadian Teenager Kylie McDonald Finds Bag Containing $30,000 In Cash, Gives It To Police

A Canadian teenager is being praised for doing the right thing after finding a bag containing $30,000 in cash and promptly turning it over to the police, CP24 reports.

Kylie McDonald, 17, was at a nail salon in Milton, Ontario when she noticed a white mesh bag on the ground. She picked it up, not knowing what she’d find inside. The contents shocked her — the bag contained multiple envelopes of checks and cash. The cash inside totaled between $28,000 and $30,000.

“I went over to see it, not realizing I was going to open it and find that much money… It reminded me of a movie scene,” she said.

The teen didn’t hesitate over what to do next. “Without missing a beat,” as CP24 describes it, the teenager took the bag of money to the police.

It wasn’t particularly difficult to determine the money’s rightful owner. Since at least one of the envelopes contained the name of a nearby dental clinic, and many others contained what were presumably the names of patients, the police pretty quickly figured out that an employee of the clinic must have inadvertently dropped the bag at some point.

“The first thing I thought was whoever lost this probably freaking out. If this was me I wouldn’t know what to do. Were they going to lose their job because of how much money they just lost?” Kylie said.

Soon enough, the money was returned to the dental practice it had come from.

On Sunday, Kylie met with the dentist to whom the money belonged. The practitioner, who asked not to be identified, gave the teen a $500 reward for her honesty. Kylie said that she intends to use the money to purchase a computer that she’s been saving up for.

In a statement, Halton Regional Police said that Kylie’s actions are an example of the kind hearts of teenagers in their community, despite the fact that teens sometimes get a bad rap.

“It is acts of honestly and civic duty (such as) this that replenish faith in the good-hearted nature of the majority of youth in our community. Halton Regional Police acknowledges this young woman and commends her for her honesty and integrity,” the statement said.

Not every story involving stacks of cash ends as happily. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, a Canadian businessman going through a divorce allegedly sold some of his properties — going against a judge’s orders — and then allegedly told the judge that he burned the over $1 million in cash in a bonfire, just so his ex-wife wouldn’t be able to get any of it.

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