‘Attack On Titan’ Chapter 126 Spoilers: Survey Corps Joining Forces With Marley, Grand Plan Revealed!

The latest chapter of Attack on Titan, which is titled “Pride,” featured a huge turn of events at Paradis Island. After spending most of their time trying to kill each other, the Survey Corps and the Marleyan soldiers are finally joining forces to achieve their common goal. Will they succeed in saving the world?

Attack on Titan Chapter 126 featured Survey Corps leaders Hange Zoe and Levi Ackerman having a negotiation with General Theo Magath. While pulling Levi in a cart she fixed, Hange met General Magath and Pieck in his Cart Titan form. Despite his current state, Levi still decided to talk with General Magath, who immediately pointed a gun towards him and Hange.

Knowing that he couldn’t dodge a bullet, Levi gave General Magath two options – pull the trigger or listen to him. General Magath agreed to hear what Levi and Hange were about to say. The Survey Corps leaders managed to convince General Magath to join forces and bring down Zeke Yeager but on one condition — General Magath wanted Levi and Hange to help them rescue some of their comrades who are prisoners of the Yeagerists.

Levi and Hange agreed and asked help from other members of the Survey Corps to join their cause. Attack on Titan Chapter 126 showed the Cart Titan devouring Jean Kirstein, Yelena, and Onyankopon. However, it was later revealed that they were not completely eaten and were just brought to the location where General Magath, Levi, and Hange were in. Jean told Yelena that it was part of their agreement to bring her to General Magath alive.

Meanwhile, Attack on Titan Chapter 126 also featured the reunion of the members of the Survey Corps, including Mikasa Ackerman, Armin Arlert, Connie Springer, Annie Leonhart, and Reiner Braun. Connie was initially planning to feed Falco, the new owner of the Jaw Titan power, to his mother in order to allow her to return to her human form. However, Connie changed his mind after Armin interfered and tried to sacrifice his own life.

Connie gave up on his plan to rescue her mother and decided that he just wanted to become the soldier that his mother will be proud of. On their way to the meeting place, Connie, Armin, Falco, and Gabi met Annie. After learning about their plan, Annie didn’t hesitate to join forces with the Survey Corps.

The Survey Corps gather as many supplies as they could and after hearing Jean’s signal, they immediately started the operation. The final scenes of Attack on Titan Chapter 126 showed the Survey Corps meeting a wounded Reiner. Annie kicked Reiner and ordered him to stand up, while Connie revealed their plan to save the world from the hands of Zeke.

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