February 9, 2020
Michael Irvin Attempted To Shoot Down Tom Brady To The Dallas Cowboys Rumors

Michael Irvin wants you to know the Dallas Cowboys rumor he helped start, is in fact, not true. On Sunday morning, the former receiver and sometimes broadcaster took to Twitter to try and walk back statements he made earlier in the week. At issue are comments he made about whether or not his former team might be looking in the direction of Tom Brady.

"I never said Jerry or anyone in the organization said this to me. It was NOT anyone with the @dallascowboys"
Irvin felt like he had to come out and make this disclaimer after reports started flying around the Internet, thanks to an appearance he made on the radio during Super Bowl festivities. During a segment on WEEI Radio, Irvin claimed he had talked to people about how the Dallas Cowboys might give up on trying to resign Dak Prescott. He added if the team felt like it couldn't get their quarterback to return, they might turn their attention to Tom Brady.

Now, Irvin wants to make it clear that despite acting as though it was someone close to the front office who told him that, it actually wasn't. By tagging the Cowboys in his tweet, it was also clear he wanted to make sure the team saw he was attempting to tamp down the talk he helped spark.

Tom Brady walks off the field after his playoff loss
Getty Images | Maddie Meyer

Aiding in dispelling the rumors that the Dallas Cowboys were considering bringing in Brady was The Athletic reporter Jon Machota. He also took to Twitter on Sunday to point out that Cowboys VP Steven Jones directly addressed rumors they might be going after the veteran quarterback in the offseason.

"Cowboys VP Stephen Jones when asked last month on @1033fmESPN about calling Tom Brady: 'Not even a thought. We're so, so all in on Dak. [Mike McCarthy] is so all in on Dak. He's so convicted that [Dak's] the guy that can help us win championships.'
While the team is talking about only wanting to go with Dak at quarterback, it might not be in their control. The two sides have reportedly been working on a new deal but so far are at an impasse. Some reports have claimed the Cowboys have offered as much as $33 million per year but Prescott has turned it down.

Other reports claim the young quarterback wants to make somewhere in the neighborhood of $40 million annually. If those are demands he sticks to, those around the team believe they will have to look elsewhere. At that point, if Tom Brady is a free agent, he could be a candidate.