Pauline Tantot Does A Headstand & Photographs Her Sister Mathilde In New Instagram Pics

Pauline Tantot and her sister, Mathilde, have been posting Instagram photos of themselves enjoying Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates for the past five days. Pauline kept her feed sizzling today with another picture series from the capital, this time sharing three snaps that showed her doing a headstand and photographing her twin.

In the first image, Pauline did a headstand while balancing on her forearms, wearing only a tiny pink bikini. Her pose emphasized her curvy derriere and flat abs — plus her nice tan was hard to miss.

The swimsuit had a tie-dye design, and the top was a classic triangle cut while the bottoms were a revealing thong. The latter had long curly ties on the sides that fell down her midriff as she struck her upside-down pose.

The sensation wore her hair in a low bun, securing it with a gray scrunchie.

She was spotted on a well-manicured lawn, along with palm trees and short hedges that separated the yard from a tan house.

The second photo showed Pauline crouching on the ground with her back to the camera and her sister in the background posing for a sexy snap. Pauline’s booty was on full display as she held her phone with both hands. Mathilde, on the other hand, stood with her back to the camera and rocked a light yellow thong bikini.

The final shot showed Pauline standing up and leaning forward slightly, looking intent on capturing the perfect photo of her twin.

The images were shot on a sunny day with clear blue skies, and the geotag revealed that they were at the Rixos Premium Saadiyat Island in the northern part of the city.

The sensation’s followers gushed about the newest share in the comments section.

“Pretty good angle for showing the yoga positions ngl,” expressed a fan.

“This is a great way to start your/my day,” wrote a second social media user.

“Best photographer and best model,” declared an admirer.

“Who’s the third person taking pictures of both of you?” wondered a supporter.

In addition, Pauline previously showed off her figure in an eye-catching photo set that she posted four days ago. That time, the model wore a cropped white T-shirt and a small black thong as she struck multiple poses. Her hair was down in a middle part and her dark pedicure peeked through as she stood in front of an emerald green wall with gold diamond-shaped accents.