Man Drives Onto Neighbor’s Roof While On His Way To Dinner

Glendale, CA – A man reportedly drove his car onto his neighbor’s roof while on his way to dinner Saturday night.

The driver and his wife didn’t expect to find their Cadillac parked on top of their neighbor’s house when they set out for a bite to eat. The man is said to have lost control of the vehicle as he attempted to descend his extremely steep driveway.

The man reportedly drove through another yard before landing on his neighbor’s roof. The car also hit a house as it sped out of control.

Robert and Galina Wynn were unharmed during the incident. The 80-year-old man who lived in the house was also uninjured. However, authorities said he was understandably alarmed by the situation.

Neighbors rushed to the scene of the accident to help the couple out of their Cadillac. The car was later removed from the roof of the house by crane.

Galina Wynn said something went wrong with the car as they rounded the corner of their house. As the car descended the driveway, it continued to pick up speed.

“As soon as we hit the corner, the airbags deployed and I didn’t even see where we were going from there because the view was obscured,” she explained to KABC.

The front of the car was pointed towards the sky while the rear was leaning against a retaining wall. Although the Cadillac suffered quite a bit of damage when it landed on the house, the man’s roof reportedly needs only minor repairs.

“You know I’ve seen other similar collisions. We have a lot of hillsides here in Glendale. But this was very unique that it landed the way it did and didn’t go through the roof of the home and cause some injuries,” Glendale police Lieutenant Scott Bickle told KTLA.

Although Robert Wynn has reportedly hit a nearby houses in the past, this is definitely the first time the man has driven his car onto his neighbor’s roof.

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