Donald Trump Claims Viral ‘Orange Face’ Picture Was Photoshopped

Donald Trump claims the viral photo that appeared to show a sharp line of orange on his face was photoshopped, answering the viral mockery he had been facing for what critics said was an embarrassing shot.

The president took to Twitter on Saturday to respond to the photo taken on Friday as he returned to the White House from a visit to North Carolina. In the picture, a gust of wind blew the president’s hair back, revealing a sharp line where his face went from a noticeable shade or orange to a pale white. Many had shared the photo on Twitter, claiming it showed evidence of a poorly applied spray tan, and the hashtag “OrangeFace” shot to the top of Twitter trends early on Saturday.

In his response, Trump claimed that the picture was “fake news” meant as a dig against him.

The photographer who first shared the picture, William Moon, had posted two versions of the picture. One was in color, showing the line between the orange and white skin. Another version was in black-and-white, which is the version that Trump had shared. It was not clear if this apparent artistic alteration was the “photoshopping” he was referring to.

While many who shared the photo claimed it showed the president’s spray tan, Trump has officially denied using this to darken his skin. The New York Times had a report on the history of Trump’s spray tan, and the White House claimed that the look was simply the result of good genetics.

“The official line from the White House, as with other matters surrounding the president’s physical health and appearance, is that Mr. Trump’s glow is the result of ‘good genes,'” the report noted, citing “a senior administration official who would speak only on the condition of anonymity.”

Trump has frequently cited “good genes” as rationale for his health and appearance, and others around the president have picked up the line of reasoning as well. When the president underwent a physical in January of 2018, the White House doctor claimed that it was “good genetics” that allowed Trump to maintain what he claimed was excellent health, despite a poor diet filled with fast food and lack of exercise.

Trump’s claim that the “Orange Face” photo was fake news was met with more mockery from the president’s critics, who believed that Trump was trying to tamp down the embarrassment of the viral photo.

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