New Hampshire Democrats Would Rather Have A Giant Meteor Destroy Earth Than See Trump Re-Elected, Poll Shows

New Hampshire Democrats really don’t want to see Donald Trump re-elected.

A recent poll showed that a majority of Democrats from the Granite State would rather have a “giant meteor strikes the Earth, extinguishing all human life” than see the president win a second term. As The Hill noted, the poll from the University of Massachusetts Lowell asked online respondents whether they would prefer to endure the apocalyptic event or witness Trump heading back to the White House.

“Which of the following outcomes would you prefer occur on November 3, 2020? Donald Trump wins re-election or A giant meteor strikes the earth, extinguishing all human life,” the question read.

A total of 62 percent of Democrats said they would prefer the meteor, while 38 percent picked Trump.

As The Hill noted, the question has already created a stir online, with a viral Twitter account called Sweet Meteor of Death seizing on the answer and apparently declaring its intention to run in 2020.

Some of the meteor-lovers could be holdovers from the 2016 election, when a surprisingly large number of voters said they would prefer to suffer an earth-destroying rock rather than see either Trump or Hillary Clinton in the White House. The University of Massachusetts Lowell’s poll has been fond of asking respondents about giant meteors destroying the earth, with a poll in October of 2016 finding that one in four millennial voters said they would prefer death by meteor over one of the major party candidates winning office.

At the time, both Clinton and Trump had historically high disapproval marks from voters.

Joshua Dyck, co-director of UMass Lowell’s group, said at the time that the unusual poll question was not entirely a joke. He said in an interview with Reuters that the question was meant to capture the high level of dissatisfaction with the state of the political race, especially among younger voters.

“We do not take our respondents at their word that they are earnestly interested in seeing the world end, but we do take their willingness to rank two constitutional crises and a giant meteor ahead of these two candidates with startling frequency as a sign of displeasure and disaffection with the candidates and the 2016 election,” he said.

The 2016 poll found that young voters would have picked non-apocalyptic alternatives to Clinton and Trump if they could. The poll found that 39 percent of millenials would rather have Obama stay in the White House for life, and 26 percent said they would be fine with using a random lottery to select the next president.

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