WWE News: Former Superstar Facing Narcotics Charges

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According to a report by AZCentral, former WWE superstar Adam Bomb — whose real name is Emmett Bryan Clark Jr. — and musician Dennis Miccolis are currently embroiled in a legal scandal, which has resulted in both men pleading not guilty to a series of serious charges.

The report states that Clark is being investigated over illegal control of enterprise, conspiracy, transporting or selling narcotics, and possession of drugs and a weapon. The alleged crimes supposedly occurred between January and April of last year.

Miccolis, meanwhile, faces charges of illegal control of enterprise, conspiracy, and transporting or selling drugs. The incidents reportedly took place in January 2019.

The report states that a spokesperson for the Arizona Attorney General’s office told The Arizona Republic that the case is “an ongoing matter,” but the pair are set to appear in court on February 19.

However, Clark’s attorney has denied any wrongdoing on behalf of the wrestler. According to Robbert Jarvis, the allegations against his client have been misconstrued, and the authorities incorrectly mistook the former WWE superstar’s medicines as narcotics.

The attorney also said the weapons charge against Clark has been blown out of proportion. The weapon in question, a Korean War pistol, is supposedly a family heirloom that was used and kept at Clark’s home. Furthermore, Jarvis believes his client has been “targeted because of his notoriety and acquaintances.”

Clark’s attorney hopes the case can be resolved quickly so that his client — an Army veteran and philanthropist — can return to his private life.

Adam Bomb appears on WWE television

Clark is mostly remembered for his tenure in WWE during the 1990s, where he had rivalries against superstars like The Undertaker. He also gained some popularity for being one-half of the Kronik tag team in World Championship Wrestling with partner Brian “Crush” Adams, where he competed under the ring name Wrath.

Clark has also had some legal drama with WWE in the past. As documented by the report, he tried to sue Vince McMahon‘s company in a class-action lawsuit, claiming the organization failed to protect him from concussions and other head injuries that led to subsequent health issues. However, the case was dismissed in 2018, despite several other wrestlers filing similar claims.

Miccolis — whose attorney has yet to comment on the allegations against his client at the time of this writing — used to play keyboard for The Buckinghams, a rock band that garnered some exposure in the 1960s. The group’s most notable hits include “Mercy, Mercy, Mercy” and “Kind of a Drag.” Miccolis left the group in 1966, but he has remained musically active throughout the years.