Republican Group Launches Ad Campaign Praising Mitt Romney For Impeachment Vote

Earlier this week, Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah broke ranks with the Republican Party, voting to convict President Donald Trump on the charge of abuse of power. Condemned by GOP lawmakers and the president himself, Romney is now in danger of facing intense backlash from conservatives across the country.

Not all Republicans think Romney made the wrong call. According to a new report from The Hill, conservative advocacy group Republicans for the Rule of Law is launching an advertisement campaign, praising the senator for voting to convict Trump. The 30-second ad will air statewide in Utah on Fox News five times every weekday next week.

The narrated video features Romney’s speech on the Senate floor, juxtaposed with newspaper headlines announcing the senator’s decision. In a statement, Chris Truax, the spokesman for Republicans for the Rule of Law, praised Romney for voting to convict Trump, adding that the senator has endured pressure from Republican lawmakers and voters alike.

“This week, Sen. Mitt Romney stepped up to the challenge and into the history books. No one can watch his Senate speech without appreciating his integrity, his decency, and his sense of duty,” Truax said.

“He faced enormous pressure from his party, his constituents and even members of his own family.”

Truax concluded that Romney is “nobody’s puppet,” adding that even those who disagree with the senator’s conclusions with regard to impeachment should salute him for his “sincere commitment to the rule of law.”

Along with the video advertisement campaign, the group will also post two billboards in Salt Lake City, highlighting what they claim is Romney’s patriotism.

Republicans for the Rule of Law has launched similar initiatives in the past. In November of 2019, for instance, the coalition of lifelong Republicans ran an advertisement urging GOP lawmakers to stand up to Trump, arguing that the president is guilty of abuse of power and that he is violating the Constitution.

Republicans opposed to Trump are in the minority. According to Gallup‘s latest research, Trump’s approval rating is now at an all-time high of 49 percent. Among Republicans, the president’s approval rating is exceptionally high, at 94 percent. The GOP’s image has also approved; the party is now viewed favorably by 51 percent of Americans.

According to Gallup, the rise in Trump’s approval rating is driven by various factors, which could include backlash to impeachment and economic growth. As the organization notes, former President Bill Clinton also experienced a spike in approval ratings following impeachment and the Democratic Party became more popular.

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