February 6, 2020
'Jersey Shore: Family Vacation' Trailer Gives Look At Bridesmaids Speeches At Angelina Pivarnick's Wedding

Season 3 of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation is set to return at the end of the month. On Thursday, the official Jersey Shore Twitter account shared the trailer for the all-new season, and while there is plenty to look forward to, one event in particular will be showcased. Fans were given a glimpse at the infamous bridesmaids speeches made by Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, Jenni "JWoww" Farley, and Deena Cortese at Angelina Pivarnick's wedding, which seemingly ended their friendship.

The trailer starts off by showing the cast and announcing that "the fam" is back. Several shots of the cast together are shown, and a clip from JWoww's divorce party is shown as well as some scenes from Angelina's bachelorette party. Snooki is shown saying she wants Angelina to get "white girl wasted and just have a good time." At that time, the women were all getting along. However, it is the following scene that gives some insight into the dramatic feud that went down between Angelina and her former friends.

The wedding guests are shown "booing" as Snooki, JWoww, and Deena are giving their speeches. The following scene shows Angelina, dressed in her glamorous wedding gown, visibly upset and being escorted out of the room.

Last month, Snooki revealed that fans would have the opportunity to watch the drama unfold on the upcoming season.

"You'll see on the show, you know, with the wedding and everything. We apologized," Snooki revealed without going into detail about what happened.

While the women have stayed relatively quiet on what exactly went down, what is known is that at Angelina's November 2019 wedding to Chris Larangeira, her three co-stars served as bridesmaids. The three women reportedly gave a speech at the wedding that included some jokes that Angelina did not find funny. At the time, reports suggested that Angelina "stormed off" after hearing the speeches, and the new trailer seems to confirm that. Although the jokes were reportedly supposed to be in "good fun," Angelina didn't take it that way and hasn't spoken to the women since, despite their apologies.

The trailer isn't all drama, though. At the end of the trailer, Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino's homecoming is shown. The group is shown hugging him while a clip of him saying "there's no place I'd rather be" is shown. The reality show star was released from prison in September 2019 after being sentenced to eight months for tax evasion.

The new season of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation will premiere on MTV Thursday, February 27.