Pauley Perrette Ex-Husband Charged With Violating Restraining Order

Pauley Perrette ex-husband charged with violating restraining order

NCIS star Pauley Perrette’s ex-husband Francis “Coyote” Shivers has been charged with violating a restraining order the actress has against him. If convicted, he faces up to 18 months in jail.

Shivers was charged with one count of violating a court order and one count of probation violation. He was placed on probation after he was convicted of sending harassing emails to his ex-wife’s lawyer.

Perrette and Shivers were married in 2000 and separated in 2004. Perrette sought a restraining order against Shivers in 2005, saying that she feared for her safety and that Shivers was sending her threatening emails and intercepting her private emails. A judge granted the restraining order based on a “history of emotional abuse.”

The couple obtained a divorce in 2006. Shivers is now married to Brazilian author and journalist Mayra Dias Gomes and Perrette is now engaged to former British Royal Marine and actor Thomas Arklie. The couple have said that they will not get married until Proposition 8, which added a provision to California’s Constitution that “only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized” in the state, was invalidated and same-sex couple can legally marry.

Coyote Shivers has accused Pauley Perrette of trying to frame him. He said he broke up with the 43-year-old after she slept with a pizza deliveryman. He said the actress, who has been playing Abby Sciuto on CBS’s NCIS since 2003, is living out the plot of her film Star Crazy, which outlines the steps for getting revenge against a lover. Shivers said he has been saying for years that Perrette was trying to set him up, and now it’s finally happening.

Jason Fishbein, who said he used to be a close friend of Perrette, told the New York Post, “She’s extremely extroverted, extremely intelligent and charming – but she’s wicked.” He said Perrette “possibly uses restraining orders as a method of harassment” against her ex-husband.

Lisa Lynch, who is also reportedly a former friend of Perrette, said the actress “has a history of vindictive behavior” toward her exes.

“I recall her stealing the cat of her ex-boyfriend . . . then when he wanted to take her to court about this, [she] filled out the paperwork for a restraining order in retaliation,” Lynch said. She also claimed that Perrette was treated in the psych ward of Cedars-Sinai for “an extended period.”

What do you think of the battle between Pauley Perrette and her ex-husband Coyote Shivers? Are you surprised to learn that “Abby” may have a dark side?

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