‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers For Episode 7: Peter Heads To Peru And The Sparks Will Fly With Some Of His Ladies

Episode 7 of The Bachelor will air next Monday, February 10. Spoilers indicate that Peter Weber will need to eliminate two more bachelorettes and by the end of the show, he will be down to his final four women.

The episode will show Peter and his last six ladies heading to Lima, Peru. According to the spoiler-filled Instagram post from gossip king Reality Steve, this episode will follow a pretty traditional format.

At this point, it has become pretty standard for the lead to have three one-on-one dates and one group date. Each of the four dates has a rose, so there will be no rose ceremony. If a date recipient receives a rose on the outing, they get a hometown visit. If they don’t get a rose, they are eliminated then and there.

It is fairly typical for one of the individual dates to bring an elimination during this episode before hometowns. According to The Bachelor spoilers from Reality Steve, Peter will follow that pattern.

The three individual dates in Peru are said to go to Natasha Parker, Kelsey Weier, and Madi Prewett. That means that the one group date will be with Kelley Flanagan, Victoria Fuller, and Hannah Ann Sluss.

The sneak peek for Episode 7 does share a few tidbits about what happens in Peru. The Bachelor spoilers show that Natasha and Peter will do some dancing while Kelsey and Peter will hike up a mountain. Madi and Peter do some fishing and spend time in some older, historical areas of Peru. As for the group date, it doesn’t seem to be known yet what kind of outing the three ladies will go on.

The preview suggests that Natasha and Peter have a good time during their date. Unfortunately, Reality Steve’s spoilers indicate that he will end up eliminating her during their date.

Kelsey and Peter will apparently have a pretty fantastic date. They will have a serious makeout session after their hike and Peter is heard in the sneak peek seemingly saying that his time with Kelsey is intoxicating and that he feels their souls really connect. Kelsey will get a rose.

The date with Madi also seemingly goes very well. Peter is heard saying that he’s freaking happy, he’s falling in love, and that things keep getting better and better. The two will share a very steamy kiss during the evening part of their date and she will also get a rose.

As for the group date, it looks like there will be tough questions, reservations, and tears. While Peter will acknowledge that he is having some doubts about Victoria, The Bachelor spoilers reveal that she will get a rose. Hannah Ann may turn on some waterworks again and she also gets a rose. That means Kelley will be sent home.

Which of these ladies ends up with Peter in the end? The Bachelor spoilers haven’t revealed an answer on that, but he reportedly has made a decision and says he’s happy about how things played out. Fans are anxious to see how these last episodes of the season go and see where things stand for him and his lady now.

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