‘The Bachelor’ Fans Aren’t Too Sure About Hannah Ann Sluss As Peter Weber Seems To Be Falling Hard For Her

During Wednesday’s episode of The Bachelor, Peter Weber and Hannah Ann Sluss had their first one-on-one date. The sparks flew immediately when the two initially met and they had a pretty great date during Episode 6. However, there were some parts of their encounter that generated skepticism from viewers.

Peter had some difficult questions for Hannah Ann during their date. The Bachelor asked her about her past relationships and she mentioned there had been one guy she dated for more than three years. However, Hannah Ann shared, she felt she has never been in love. This seemed to concern Peter a bit and it seems fans were uncertain about her answer, too.

Peter also asked Hannah Ann how she could be confident she was ready for where her time on the show might lead if she hasn’t been in love before. As the conversation continued, she shed some tears. At another point, she told the Bachelor that she was falling in love with him. Peter clearly is falling for her, but fans are a bit hesitant about this pairing.

It did not take long for some to find photos of Hannah Ann and her ex-boyfriend on her Instagram page. Based on when Hannah Ann stopped posting photos showing her with this boyfriend, it appears the relationship ended in early 2018. During one trip to Jamaica to celebrate her beau’s birthday, she shared a sweet photo on Instagram and added a hashtag in the caption noting that she loved him.

In other Instagram posts from her time in this relationship, Hannah Ann noted that she couldn’t ask for a more perfect boyfriend and she added her “#iloveyou” hashtag to a number of other posts.

Considering that Hannah Ann is 23-years-old now — and she was in this relationship for more than three years — it would seem the two dated when she was in her late teens and lasted until she was 20 or so. It does appear they split some time ago. It isn’t implausible to think she has gained some clarity and insight about love and relationships since then.

However, The Bachelor fans do seem to be questioning what Hannah Ann was telling Peter during this date. In fact, some franchise veterans seemed to have similar questions.

“I really like her (she’s gorgeous) but I can’t believe a word she says. She answers his questions as if she’s answering interview questions. Like she’s trained for this,” one The Bachelor fan tweeted about Hannah Ann and this date.

“Yeahhh 3 yrs is a long a** time to stay with someone you’re not in love with. Not a huge fan, it felt like she felt the rose slipping away and turned on the tears,” shared someone else.

“Hannah Ann says she wasn’t in love with her 3 1/2 yr relationship but after Peter walks away on their date she comes crying and says she’s in love with him. yeah ok love…Why are men soooo blind to fake tears???” blasted another viewer.

There were some fans of The Bachelor who had Hannah Ann’s back, however.

Spoilers hint that this connection between Peter and Hannah Ann will continue to grow as the season progresses. Fans are likely quite curious to see where their pairing heads.

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