Bombshell Fitness Trainer Kayla Itsines Demonstrates Squat Progression Routine In Orange Sports Bra And Shorts

Kayla Itsines gave her 12.1 million Instagram followers another dose of "fitspiration" this week that was sure to help them achieve their goals in the gym.

The bombshell fitness trainer's latest set of instructional videos was shared to her Instagram page on Wednesday, giving her fans a number of different exercises to help them perfect their squat. She demonstrated a total of five different progressions that would help build strength while also working on technique. She noted that the routine was especially good for those at the beginning of their fitness journey.

Kayla rocked an orange sports bra, black bike shorts, and white-and-black sneakers to demonstrate the series of exercises, which she performed at home using a variety of equipment. She kicked off the video by performing a set of wall squats using a gray fitness ball and explained that the routine would help to engage the glute muscles and keep weight through the heels. She wedged the ball between her back and the wall, slowly rolling it down it into the squat position.

The next progression was a simple sit squat. For this exercise, Kayla enlisted the help of a chair, which she noted gave a "focal point" to aim for. Her next step in the routine was goblet squats and saw her using a dumbbell for the first time to add a bit of extra weight.

Kayla then moved on to using a barbell for the final two. She started out with a set of box squats, which again used the chair as a focal point for the exercise. Finally, the Aussie trainer used the teachings from each progression to complete a classic squat with the barbell weight rested on her shoulders.

The new video certainly proved popular with Kayla's fans. The instructional clip has already been viewed over 176,000 times and has racked up nearly 8,000 likes. Several took to the comments section of the post as well to thank the workout queen for her advice.

"Love all these variations and the emphasis on safety!" one person wrote.

Another said that the exercises were "so good."

"The wall ball squat is how I learned how to get more depth in my squats!! I found them super awkward and used to think I 'just couldn't' do them correctly. Love that you're sharing these tips!!" commented a third.

While Kayla has her own fitness program that fans can subscribe to, she often takes to her Instagram account to share routines with her followers. Another recent addition to her page saw her demonstrate a low-intensity chair workout that was great for beginners or those that can't bounce around as much while working out. That sweat session proved popular as well, earning nearly 29,000 likes.