Golfer Sergio Garcia Climbs Tree To Hit Bizarre Shot [Video]

sergio garcia

Sergio Garcia didn’t play his best golf this weekend but he may have had the most memorable shot of the tournament. On the 10th hole, Garcia hit a one handed shot from the branch of a tree.

Yes, from the branch of tree.

Not into a tree or a around a tree. Sergio Garcia climbed up a tree, stood on a branch, and hit a one handed shot to get his ball back to the fairway.

Garcia’s tree shot was pretty impressive but it does beg a few questions. First, how did Garcia manage to land his golf ball in the tree? Second, how did they find it? Did Garcia forget that he could have used a drop? Did anyone know that Garcia had such great climbing skills? Is this the first time that he’s hit a tree shot?

Unfortunately, Garcia’s amazing and unique recover shot wasn’t enough to save his weekend. Garcia made a double bogey on the hole and would later withdraw from competition.

Here’s the video of Sergio Garcia’s tree shot.