Ted Danson’s Daughter To Appear On ‘CSI’

ted danson's daughter

Ted Danson’s daughter will be joining him on an upcoming episode of CSI.

Kate Danson, who has previously appeared on shows like Raising the Bar and The Protector, will be playing a lawyer when she joins her father on the hit show.

Kate said: “I was really fortunate to get to work with him on CSI… It was so much fun. We never worked together like that. We did a short film together but nothing professional until now, so it was really great going head to head with him. I play a lawyer who knows she’s in the right and the CSI team have done something wrong, so I come pretty hard at my dad and dig into him, which was a lot of fun to play.”

Kate said that her episode will be airing on Wednesday, April 3. The actress is hoping, however, that she’ll get to play the character a few more times.

Kate said: “It airs April 3rd and I’m hoping it will be a recurring character.”

Ted Danson joined CSI in 2011 and recently renewed his contract for another two years. Danson, who is currently making about $200,000 an episode, will stay on CSI through the 2014-15 season.

Are you excited to see Ted Danson’s daughter on CSI? Do you think she’ll land a recurring role?

Kate Danson may not be a household name yet but she’s slowly making a name for herself. In addition to landing a role on CSI, she’s also starring in a new off-Broadway play.

Danson said that her father, as well as her Oscar winning stepmother, have helped her to realize her acting dreams.

Kate Danson said: “He’s been amazing. My dad and stepmom [Academy Award-winner Mary Steenburgen] both have been running lines with me over the phone from LA throughout this whole process… The thing he always tells me is just to have fun and enjoy it, and if you ever stop enjoying it in the moment, try to just listen to the other person you’re working with.”