‘Ghost Inside My Child’ Looks To Kids For Past Life Experiences

Ghost Inside My Child has been announced from dLtCasting Productions, inviting parents to submit their haunted children for participation.

The announcement was recently posted to the company’s website calling for families with children “that have or have had past life memories.” The company said it would prefer American families with home video footage or pictures and/or drawings capturing the memories.

The show has been slated for a late 2013 premiere on the Bio Channel, according to The Huffington Post. Series creators Joke Fincioen and Biagio Messina, a husband-and-wife team, previously scored a success with the pilot episode a few months back.

In the pilot, three kids were featured having undergone a number of steps for recovery of alleged past life memories.

Bio Channel was pleased enough with the results to give the series the go-ahead.

Describing the genesis of the idea to The Huffington Post, Fincioen said it came to them after finding out they were pregnant with their first child.

“We thought what would we do if this happened with our daughter? It really was a phenomenon. We wanted to tell these parents’ stories without trying to prove or disprove them,” Fincioen said.

One story that stuck with the pair was the case of James Leininger, who started having nightmares of his death and sharing vivid descriptions of a World War II fighter pilot named James Huston, who was killed at Iwo Jima.

Leininger met with a woman in her 90s, who was part of Huston’s family on the pilot episode. The woman said she felt a connection to the boy.

Fincioen and Messina know the Leininger cases are rare, they said, and that’s why they’re looking for heavy documentation during the casting call process.

“We want to hear the story through the family’s point of view recounting what their 2-10 year old was experiencing (even if your child is now older),” the official announcement stated.

(Looks like Nic Cage will be eligible.)

“Any home footage, photographs, or child’s drawings you have to support the memories of what your child was experiencing will work,” the release continued.

James Randi Foundation president D.J. Grothe called the casting call idea “problematic” in comments to The Huffington Post and blasted the concept.

(JRF is an organization dedicated to exposing paranormal fraud.)

“The people who lost a loved one have to re-experience the loss, are told outlandish claims about their loved one being alive again and stuck in the body of a child somewhere,” Grothe said. “I think this is a crassest manipulation of belief and of the fear of death merely for the sake of reality TV ratings.”

Messina justified Ghost Inside My Child stating that the stories they’re looking to represent will “inspire questions on both sides.”

Did you see the pilot when it aired? What do you think of the Ghost Inside My Child concept? Is it any more-or-less plausible than a Christian woman living biblically for a year, or does it cross a line in damaging child development?

Here’s a bit more on James Leininger: