Miranda Lambert: No Evidence Of Threat To Punch Retail Owner

Tishomingo, OK – No, Miranda Lambert did not threaten to punch some poor woman’s lights out for no reason.

Lambert has been the unfortunate subject of several sketchy tabloid claims recently. One tabloid accused her husband, Blake Shelton, of having an affair (which the couple humorously debunked on their Twitter accounts), and just days later, The National Enquirer claimed that the country star threatened to punch a shop owner.

The tabloid claimed that Lambert got into a verbal altercation on March 5 with a woman who had recently opened an antique store just a few shops down from the singer’s own clothing store, The Pink Pistol.

“She had a complete meltdown and threatened to ‘punch me in the mouth’ if I kept talking,” owner Melanie Peden recalled of her alleged confrontation with Lambert. “I was stunned and a little bit scared, too. … But I stood my ground and asked her to leave my store.”

The tab had it that Lambert was upset that Peden had purchased the property she opened her store at, because she had been eyeballing it herself over four years ago. You’d think with four years and some Miranda Lambert money, the country singer would have jumped on the property if she actually wanted it. Four years later, she hasn’t gone into contract on the lot.

Still, Peden alleges that Lambert wanted the space, and stopped by to threaten her over it.

“She just walked around the place scowling at everything and finally blurted out that I stole this property from her,” Peden told the tabloid. “I was shocked when she became so angry with me for buying it so many years later.”

Peden filed a police report over the altercation, but Tishomingo authorities told E! News that there’s no evidence to back up the store owner’s claim.

“Both the District Attorney and the City Attorney reached the same conclusion that no crime was committed,” an investigator said.


Lambert’s representatives haven’t responded to any requests for comment, but we’d go ahead and consider the matter dead.

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[Image via: s_bukley / Shutterstock.com]