Tomi Lahren Slams ‘Former Crack Dealer’ Jay-Z And Beyonce For Sitting During Super Bowl National Anthem

It was not just the play on the field that made headlines during Super Bowl LIV. Besides the scintillating halftime show, Jay-Z and Beyonce caught the public’s attention by sitting during the national anthem sung by Demi Lovato. Not everyone was fine with the gesture, including Fox’s Tomi Lahren who has come out attacking the power couple’s decision to remain seated.

After news broke that Jay-Z and Beyonce did not stand for the anthem on Sunday night, Lahren took to Twitter with some choice words.

“Beyoncé & Jay-Z (former crack dealer) sit for the national anthem because apparently the United States of America has oppressed them with millions upon millions of dollars & fans. Sounds rough.”

The Fox host suggested they “try another country” where they could enjoy as much “freedom and success.” She had more to say in a follow-up tweet.

“You hate police, Donald Trump, and the spirit of this nation so much you can’t pick your privileged a**es off the chair for 2 mins to pay some respect? Despicable,” the political commentator wrote.

On Monday, Lahren had more words on the topic on her Fox Nationshow. She made mention of the “million upon millions of dollars” the music power couple have made with their careers.

The on-air personality claimed she didn’t know why the Carters would want to live in this country if they are so unhappy. Afterward, she compared the duo to former San Francisco 49er Colin Kaepernick – who famously took a knee during national anthems – and referred to him as “their America-hating counterpart.”

Lahren said sitting down during the anthem was within their rights, and she had the right to express her dismay.

“You have the freedom to act like jerks. But I have the freedom to express what millions of hardworking and America-loving patriots think of your little stunt,” Lahren added.

The 27-year-old made mention of Jay-Z’s “filthy lyrics” and said that after the game, the couple can go back to living lavish lifestyles filled with private jets and designer clothes.

Rapper Cardi B saw Lahren’s tweets online and decided to respond. A couple of hours after the initial tweet was posted, Cardi had four short words for the Fox correspondent.

“Get me my leash,” she replied to the thread.

Kaepernick himself took notice of their decision to stay seated. Both him and his girlfriend, Nessa Diab, re-posted a screenshot of a headline about the act, along with a caption that mentioned when Jay-Z said they were “past kneeling.”

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