North Carolina Woman Uses Toes To Call 911 After Crushing Her Hands While Changing A Tire

Driving on a dark highway can be a nerve-racking experience and a woman from North Carolina found out why. After pulling over to inspect a flat tire she found herself stranded with her hands crushed under her car. Yet, she was able to perform an incredible task while under extreme duress by finding a way to call 911 using her toes.

According to the Colleton County Fire-Rescue website, the unidentified 54-year-old woman was traveling from her home in Charlotte, North Carolina, on a dark section of I-95 in Colleton County, South Carolina, on the night of February 2.

Around 7 p.m. she pulled over to the breakdown lane after suspecting a flat tire. Once she confirmed there was a flat tire, the unnamed woman took a spare tire and jack from her trunk.

Disaster struck while she was in the process of removing the flat with the car jacked up.

“The jack slipped causing the car to fall, crushing both of her hands between the tire and the fender,” Colleton County Fire-Rescue reported. “She was trapped alone on the side of the dark interstate, experiencing excruciating pain.”

Nobody was able to see the woman on the dark highway and she remained trapped in agony with her hands crushed for 35 minutes. With no help on the way she was still able to keep her wits about her and somehow “slip off one shoe and manipulate her cell.”

After several attempts, the North Carolinian was eventually able to dial 911 and reach a dispatcher. She informed them of her situation and fire rescue units were sent “after having cleared up from another incident in the area.”

They arrived eight minutes later, but it took more time until she was finally freed. Crew members attempted to free one hand using a crowbar, but that was unsuccessful.

Hoping to create a gap, they deflated air from the tire, but this only caused the car to drop down further. With the tire deflated they tried using a crowbar once again and this time, they were able to get one hand free.

Shortly after, a fire engine arrived, allowing for the use of a hydraulic spreader to lift the car and free the woman’s other hand.

Once freed, the woman told rescue crews she had been “trapped for about 45 minutes.” Firefighter paramedics administered pain medication onsite before taking her to a nearby hospital.

“She suffered severe damage to both hands and all fingers,” the Fire-Rescue website stated.

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