Steve Bannon Says Fox News Edited Donald Trump Interview To Remove ‘Embarrassing’ Moment

Steve Bannon claims that Fox News edited out an embarrassing moment during an interview that would have humiliated President Donald Trump. According to The Daily Beast, the conservative news channel removed part of a video showing Trump stumbling over a question about a situation that he wasn’t fully informed about.

Bannon, who served as Trump’s White House chief strategist and worked with him during his election campaign, says that Trump was being interviewed by Chris Wallace in December 2016 when he was asked about a situation involving former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn. Apparently, Trump didn’t know what was going on with the situation.

“After the meeting with [Barack] Obama, Trump attended the Army-Navy football game,” Bannon said. “He did an interview with Chris Wallace that weekend. Wallace brought up [Michael] Flynn’s son’s tweets, which Trump had not heard about.”

The situation apparently made Trump feel uncomfortable, so Fox News removed it from the final cut of the interview that eventually aired on the network.

“It was embarrassing for Trump, and Fox agreed to cut out that part of the interview,” Bannon said.

The interview aired on Fox News Sunday just prior to Trump’s inauguration.

The details about the situation were revealed as part of the ongoing release of summaries from Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation.

Wallace rejected Bannon’s assertions in an interview with Mediaite.

Though Bannon is no longer involved in the Trump White House, he is still weighing in on the president’s strategy. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Bannon argued that Trump should wait to give his State of the Union address until after the Senate acquits him in the impeachment trial, which it has been expected to do since before the trial began.

Bannon stated that he is sure Trump will be acquitted and believes that is the right decision.

“And then he should do the State of the Union because the whole world will watch this,” Bannon said.

“After it’s all over, after he’s been exonerated, then he goes before the world at the State of the Union and lays out the State of the Union and the state of this world.”

The Senate is making its final arguments this week, and then they will hold a vote on Wednesday. It’s expected that Trump will be acquitted primarily along party lines, with perhaps two of the 53 Republican Senators deciding to convict the president.

Trump’s State of the Union address takes place Tuesday night.

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