Jon Gosselin Gives Update On His Kids’ Activities And His Estranged Daughters Mady & Cara’s College Life

Jon Gosselin says his kids are doing well, despite his ongoing custody drama with his ex-wife Kate Gosselin. The former Jon and Kate Plus 8 star gave an update on his kids during a guest appearance on an episode of the “First Class Fatherhood” podcast.

When asked about what types of sports and activities his eight kids are involved in, Jon said he comes from a big soccer family but that none of his kids took an interest in the sport. He then revealed that Cara, one of his eldest twin daughters, competes in collegiate sports at the New York university she currently attends.

“One of my oldest daughters, Cara, she played lacrosse [in high school] and in college, she rows for the crew team,” Jon told the interviewer. “Aaden had an interest in football. Leah plays lacrosse, Alexis runs track. But as far as competitive sports, I would say Cara is the only one that really did competitive sports.”

Jon said that Hannah and Collin, the two 15-year-old Gosselin kids that live with him, don’t play any sports at all.

“Collin does JROTC so he stays pretty active and Hannah … she has gym class,” the former TLC star explained. “She’s more of a socialite.”

Jon went on to say Collin and Hannah go to a “huge” public school, while their four 15-year-old siblings go to the same small private school his 19-year-old twins Mady and Cara graduated from last year. The dad of eight thinks Collin and Hannah will be more “well rounded” and ready for college than their six siblings because they are now in a big school where they see students from all walks of life.

Jon’s estranged daughter Mady previously declared she was ready to fly the coop and go to a large college where she could blend in with the crowd, after spending her childhood in the spotlight on the family’s reality show.

“College feels like a place to blend in and I feel like we haven’t really had much of a chance to really blend in and I want to be just like somebody,” Mady said last year, per E! News. “I don’t want everyone to know my name and my business. I feel like a big college is the way we want to go.”

Mady and Cara went off to separate New York colleges last fall. While Cara is kicking it on the crew team, Jon did not mention any of Mady’s extracurricular activities at college. She previously posted an Instagram photo with her college bestie as they stood on the grounds of their snow-covered school.

In the “First Class Fatherhood” interview, Jon focused more on his younger kids, due to the ongoing custody drama that has consumed his life for the past 12 years. Jon said he hopes his youngest kids will have more sibling time together once they turn 16 in May. He also revealed that he has been working on a book for a “long time,” but is unsure if he will wait until they graduate before he finishes it.

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