Jon Gosselin Alleges Ex-Wife Kate Has A ‘No-Contact’ Order And Has Banned Son Collin From Seeing His Siblings

Jon Gosselin says his ex-wife Kate Gosselin does not allow their son Collin to have any contact with his other siblings. The former TLC star, whose 10-year gag order was recently lifted, made the shocking claim during an interview on the First Class Fatherhood podcast.

In the interview, Jon alleged that Kate has a “no-contact” order with her estranged son Collin, according to In Touch Weekly.

“There is no contact between Collin and his other siblings,” Jon said, per Radar Online. “So the problem right now is we have parent alienation and we have sibling alienation.”

Jon noted that a third party company, Guardian Ad Litem, is trying to help the fractured family work through the custody mess. The DJ explained that he is hoping to get family therapy through his kids’ Collin and Hannah’s therapist so that they can “talk to the other siblings and try to find some common ground.”

The dad-of-eight said he has been in a 12-year court battle with his ex, has gone through nine attorneys, and spent an estimated $1.3 million to get custody of his 15-year-old kids, Collin and Hannah.

While Jon currently has custody of the two, their sextuplet siblings Leah, Joel, Alexis, and Aaden live with Kate. Jon hopes that change will be coming soon when the sextuplets turn 16 later this year.

“What I’m waiting for is my two kids who live with me — when they drive — they have every right to drive to their siblings’ school and pick the kids up and Kate can’t stop them,” Jon said. “I’m hoping that will break down a lot of tension between the siblings.”

The former reality star — whose estranged eldest daughters, Mady and Cara, are 19-years-old and are now in college in New York — has said in recent interviews that at this point the children decide their own custody and that any time, any of them can go live with either him or Kate.

In a bombshell interview with Dr. Mehmet Oz late last year, Jon revealed that he and Kate are unable to co-parent their kids. Kate has vowed to share “the truth” about what happened to her family, but for now, her ex-husband is the only one talking in interviews.

Fans of the reality TV family know that following Jon and Kate’s 2009 divorce, all eight kids lived primarily with Kate in the large Pennsylvania home the former couple bought together during their marriage. The kids continued to film the reality show Kate Plus 8 with their mom, despite Jon’s objections.

But in 2015, Collin mysteriously disappeared from the show. It was later revealed that he was living at a facility for children with special needs. Fans later found out that Hannah Gosselin was living with Jon, and in late 2018, Collin left the Philadephia-area school and moved in with his father as well.