‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers For Episode 5: Peter Weber Gets A Surprise Visitor Who Is Feeling Desperate

Peter Weber’s bachelorettes are starting to feel a lot of pressure and The Bachelor spoilers suggest that one will take a rather drastic step to garner some much-needed attention. A new preview lays the groundwork, and viewers will get to watch it play out when Episode 5 airs Monday night on ABC.

The Bachelor spoilers have teased that Kelsey Weier will be struggling quite a bit as Peter and the rest of the ladies head to Costa Rica for a round of dates. She’ll be crying a lot and feeling jealous as Peter goes on a one-on-one date with Sydney Hightower. Then, spoilers suggest that she’ll also struggle again during a group date.

Based on the new sneak peek shared via the show’s Instagram page, it seems that at some point after the group date, Kelsey will make a bold move to try and get a rose from Peter and an edge over the rest of the ladies.

“One struggling woman decides on a make-or-break scheme to convince the Bachelor to give her a rose,” teases ABC, and this seems to pertain to Kelsey.

The new preview shows Tammy Ly, Victoria Fuller, and Lexi Buchanan hanging out and Tammy is sharing the latest on Kelsey’s big emotions. Tammy talks about how insecure Kelsey is and how alcohol seems to make things worse, and she will explain that she feels sure that Peter would send Kelsey home if he knew how she really was.

“One controversial woman tries to defuse her situation by sneaking over to Peter’s suite before the next rose ceremony. What will she say to Peter and will he believe her?” teases ABC.

As Tammy talks about her, Kelsey puts on a fresh face of makeup and leaves the villa where the ladies are staying. She makes her way down a path and soon knocks on a doorway of a villa where Peter is sitting by a pool.

Peter will be surprised to see Kelsey and she’ll note that there’s something she needs to talk to him about. During the preview, she will also mention that she knows the other ladies will find out that she took this secret trip to see Peter and she’ll say she is willing to accept the consequences. Apparently, at this point, she’s feeling too uncertain about things to not take this risk.

Viewers will have to tune in Monday night to see how this conversation goes, but it doesn’t seem that this visit will hurt Kelsey’s shot at getting a rose from Peter. Additional The Bachelor spoilers from blogger Reality Steve via his Instagram page indicate that Kelsey won’t be one of the ones eliminated, so the drama will continue into Episode 6 airing on Wednesday night.

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