Episode 5 ‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Kelsey Weier Is A Wreck As Competition For Peter Weber’s Roses Intensifies

Monday night brings Episode 5 of Peter Weber’s The Bachelor, and spoilers suggest that contestant Kelsey Weier will be shedding a lot of tears. Kelsey was upset during the initial cocktail party when her champagne was opened by Hannah Ann Sluss and Peter, and now it seems that the show experience as a whole is really taking a toll on her.

E! Online shares a new sneak peek for Episode 5. The clip shows bachelorette Tammy Ly checking in on Kelsey as she cries by the pool. It is nighttime, and it seems that Peter is off on a date with one of the other ladies.

Kelsey will have some choice words to share about the lady who is out with Peter on this date, noting that she’s a “dramatic f*cking b*tch” as she does an exaggerated interpretation of this gal’s actions.

In a moment speaking directly to the camera, Tammy will call Kelsey a “hot mess.” She’ll go on to say that Kelsey has been crying for weeks, joking that she herself didn’t cry this much when her grandfather died.

The Bachelor spoilers share that Tammy will even note that she thinks Peter would send Kelsey home right away if he had any idea how crazy she was. Will Tammy use some upcoming alone time with Peter to fill him in on Kelsey’s emotionally-charged state of mind?


Based on The Bachelor spoilers shared by blogger Reality Steve via Instagram, it seems that Kelsey may be referring to Sydney Hightower as she is talking with Tammy. Sydney gets a one-on-one, and she will reportedly get a rose.

ABC’s scoop for Monday’s show describes a volatile bachelorette who spends the first day in Costa Rica crying her eyes out, and this surely refers to Kelsey. The Bachelor spoilers indicate that Kelsey will then be part of a group date that includes a Cosmopolitan swimsuit fashion spread at a waterfall, and Kelsey will end up rattled during this excursion as well.

One struggling lady will put together some sort of scheme to try to ensure she gets a rose from Peter, but it sounds as if it backfires. It sounds as if this, too, is probably Kelsey.

As the group date continues, it seems that Kelsey will remain emotional and will face a charged confrontation from one of the other ladies, who does ultimately talk to Peter about the situation.

Viewers will have to tune in to see how Peter reacts to this, but The Bachelor spoilers hint that neither Kelsey nor Tammy will be leaving quite yet. In fact, Reality Steve has teased that Kelsey won’t be going home for a while, and viewers will be curious to see if she can pull herself together in the days ahead.

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