Kate Middleton Impersonator’s ‘Baby Bump’ Look

kate middleton impersonator

Kate Middleton’s baby bump is a topic of international news intrigue, but the Duchess’ delicate condition has posed a challenge to the world’s premier Kate Middleton impersonator.

Heidi Agan was a waitress, and diners kept pointing out her uncanny resemblance to Kate Middleton — so much so the 32-year-old single mom of two quit to be Kate full time.

But when Middleton’s pregnancy was revealed, it was a must for the Kate Middleton impersonator to recreate the Duchess’ baby bump — and she was forced to invest in prosthetics for accuracy’s sake.

Agan explains to the BBC that she plans to accurately costume for Kate Middleton’s baby bump, saying to the broadcaster:

“As Kate grows I will too – to be authentic I thought it was important … It’s difficult at the moment as she’s not big enough yet to change her entire wardrobe so it’s difficult to see how she’s’ going to dress it.”

The Kate Middleton impersonator has a lot hanging on her ability to really look like the young royal — Agan describes a strange sort of celebrity with all sorts of new perks since the made the jump from waitress to generic Kate:

” … in New York [,] I went to Times Square with Good Morning America and was ferried around with security … It’s just something I never thought would happen to me, but has turned out to be the most wonderful thing ever.”

She also says:

“To have done 12 years of something you know and then to leap into an industry that gives with one hand and takes with another is difficult, but I’m just really happy and feel blessed that I did.”

Agan adds that to impersonate Kate Middleton’s baby bump, she has gotten prosthetics made in “various sizes.”