No Leads Yet On Brown Student Missing Since March 16

Sunil Tripathi, a former Brown student missing since March 16, seems to have disappeared without a trace.

Authorities in Providence, Rhode Island confirm that the Brown student missing left his apartment in the city without his cellphone, credit card, ID, and other things considered personal effects unusual for a person to abandon.

Tripathi was reported missing by his girlfriend on March 17, and an ongoing search for the 22-year-old has been underway since — with frustratingly little to go on despite a wide-scale effort.

Law enforcement and family have been searching for the Brown student missing for over a week fruitlessly, says Providence Police detective Mark Sacco.

When asked if any leads have checked out as cops searched a cemetary, Sacco told a local news source:

“Not a one… We’re just kind of checking wooded areas, parks, those certain areas.”

Sangeeta Tripathi is the missing former Brown student’s sister, and she explains that her brother had been having some personal difficulties lately — but that he was working on getting back into Brown and staying in Providence:

“He’s been struggling a little bit, really wanting to get his life back in order and wanting to stay with his Providence friends… He was working on re-enrolling, but wasn’t quite there yet.”

The effort to find the former Brown student missing for over a week has been active on social media as well, with friends and family using tools like Facebook and Twitter to “boost the signal” and help locate Sunil Tripathi.

Over on Twitter, the account @findingsunny has been used to tweet about the search, and the Facebook page “Help Us Find Sunil Tripathi” has also been used to find and share information on the efforts to find the young man.

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