Chelsea Houska Shares When She And Cole DeBoer May Have More Kids

Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer have been open about the fact that they want to have more children in the future. While the mom-of-three isn’t pregnant just yet, she recently revealed when she and her husband may have another baby.

Taking to her Instagram stories on Sunday, Chelsea revealed that she had some free time in between making snacks for the Super Bowl. While she didn’t reveal who she was rooting for in Sunday’s big game, she did reveal when she and Cole may have more babies.

“Any more babies in the new future!!?” one fan asked including an emoji that is blowing a kiss.

While Chelsea has been asked this question plenty of times in the past, she has never given a timeline. Now, it turns out that she and Cole may be waiting until after they are finished building their new house.

Chelsea answered, “We have a lot coming up, but we do want another. Maybe once our house is done :),” Chelsea wrote.

As Teen Mom 2 fans may recall, on the most recent season of the show, Chelsea and Cole looked at the land where they wanted to build a new house. Although they recently moved into a new place, Chelsea was uneasy after finding out it had been burglarized while the family was away. The couple ended up liking the land that they looked at and have been busy planning the building process. In fact, last month, Chelsea asked her fans if she and Cole should “document” their home building process and fans loved the idea.

Although she has shared some potential home ideas on social media, it turns out that the happy couple hasn’t started building their new home just yet. When one fan asked Chelsea during her Sunday question and answer if they had started building yet, she revealed their plans.

“As soon as the weather is nice enough, it’ll get started,” she answered with a smiling emoji with three hearts around it.

Most fans who have followed Chelsea for the past 10 years on the hit MTV reality show know that she and her family live in South Dakota. Considering the winters can be harsh there, it makes sense that she and Cole would be waiting until the weather is nicer before they start building their new home.

It is unclear how long it will take for their new house to be finished, but it sounds like they may start trying for another baby once the house is finished.