Mackenzie McKee Shares Sweet Gift She Discovered From Her Late Mom When She Needed It Most

Mackenzie McKeeInstagram

Teen Mom OG star Mackenzie McKee recently lost her mom who was battling cancer. The mom-of-three has been open about her struggles since her mom passed back in December, but she recently got a surprise that put a smile on her face. While on a trip to New York City, Mackenzie revealed that she found a wallet in her suitcase with a picture of her mother that had a sweet note written on the back.

Mackenzie took to Instagram to share a picture of what she found while on her trip. In the caption, she explained that she has been to New York City multiple times, but that the recent trip was the first she made without her mother. Considering this was the reality show star’s first trip to the Big Apple without her mother, it was undoubtedly hard. Mackenzie admitted that she cried while on the trip and was also lonely. However, she revealed that she had found something in her suitcase that helped her have her mom with her on the trip.

She shared an image of a wallet-sized photo of her mom with writing on the back. Mackenzie revealed that she wasn’t sure how the wallet that contained the picture ended up in her suitcase.

The writing on the back of the photo was a note from Mackenzie’s mother, Angie Douthit, to her daughter. In the note, Angie let her daughter know that she was proud of her and that she is a “true over comer.” She signed the note by writing, “love you to the moon and back.” The small black wallet that the photo was contained in also had writing on it which shared sentiment from a mother to a daughter.

Within the first day of posting the photo, it had more than 47,000 likes from Mackenzie’s followers as well as plenty of positive comments.

“What a[sic] amazing thing to find im aure she put that there knowing your first trip without her would be hard so beautiful thanks for sharing,” one fan wrote.

Another comment read, “bawling like a baby.”

Although Mackenzie didn’t reply to any of the comments, it is great to see her getting so much support from her fans.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Mackenzie recently shared images from a photo shoot that she did while in New York. She braved the cold temperatures in a short black skirt. Even though it was her first time in New York without her mom, it is nice that Mackenzie found the photo in her suitcase when she likely needed it most.