WWE News: Booker T Warns Matt Riddle Not To Threaten Brock Lesnar

The heat between Brock Lesnar and Matt Riddle stretches far outside of the walls of WWE, but nothing may ever come of it. Despite the fact that WWE would probably never put the match together, and Lesnar has said as much, the NXT superstar continues to want a piece of the “Beast Incarnate.” WWE Hall of Famer Booker T says Riddle needs to be careful with his words, as he’s not being smart about things.

Fans who have followed along with this situation know that Riddle has taken shots at Lesnar on social media for years now. The “King of Bros” didn’t like Lesnar being in UFC, or in WWE, and he still insists that he’s going to be the one to teach him a lesson.

At the Royal Rumble, a rumored incident backstage had Lesnar telling the NXT star that a match will never happen between the two. Even with that being said, Matt Riddle still believes that he will be the one that is going to end Lesnar’s career one day.

All of this talk has brought about some backstage heat to Riddle, and Booker T has publicly said that he needs to be careful with what he’s saying. On a recent episode of the Hall of Fame Radio show, by way of Ringside News, Booker tried to give a bit of advice to the barefoot superstar.

Booker T discussed how UFC is different from professional wrestling and that things aren’t just settled in “reality.” Booker said that someone going into business for himself is only going to cause more problems for the challenger and lead to fewer opportunities.

“You don’t come in and go into business for yourself in professional wrestling.

“Be careful what you say even if your are just messing around. Think about what you are going to say because people can take it and edit it and make it sound like what they want it to sound like and trust me that’s what you don’t want.”

Riddle has brought a lot of trouble his way in the last year with the amount of talking he does on social media. WWE wants its superstars to continue storylines on Twitter and Facebook, but Riddle has taken things a bit too far.

Unless Vince McMahon and Triple H change their minds, it is unlikely that Matt Riddle will ever face Brock Lesnar in WWE. A lot of things would have to be put in place for that match to happen, and Riddle isn’t doing himself any favors. For the time being, the NXT superstar should heed the advice of Booker T and think twice about speaking out of turn and challenging the WWE Champion.

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