Wendy Williams Shows Off Huge Diamond Necklace In Recent Instagram Photo

On Friday night, talk show host Wendy Williams took to Instagram to share a selfie. The photo showed only the bottom half of Williams’ face and focused in on a stunning diamond necklace. The large necklace, which appeared somewhat like a medallion, featured rows of sparking diamonds as well as the cancer zodiac symbol. She wore her long hair down in loose waves.

The star showed off several other pieces of bling, including her usual large diamond ring, a diamond watch, and stacks of diamond bracelets. In her caption, Williams encouraged her 1.7 million followers to go after what they want and discussed receiving treatment for her lymphedema.

“Happy Friday! Grab the life you want but ALWAYS have a strong plan B. I’m about to heat up leftovers – including feather wings, tuna fish & pickle chips. I’ll eat while on my lymphedema machine. Dinner out tonight. What’s your day looking like?”

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Williams was diagnosed with lymphedema last year. This condition causes swelling in the arms and legs. It’s for this reason that Williams’ ankles often look abnormal and she regularly wears sneakers while hosting The Wendy Williams Show. The condition can not be cured but can be treated with the help of in-home devices like the one that Williams uses.

In addition to lymphedema, Williams also suffers from Graves disease. This condition is an autoimmune disorder in which the body’s immune system attacks the thyroid. As a result, the thyroid produces more of the thyroid hormone than the body needs. One of the visual symptoms of this condition is bulging eyes, which Williams deals with.

The star took to Instagram on Friday after her show to call out her viewers for asking her so many questions about her appearance. Each day she does an “After Show” during which fans have the chance to ask her questions through social media. Williams is tired of having to explain the reason behind her bulging eyes and swollen ankles and made it clear that she’d prefer to talk about more substantial topics.

“Stop asking me about the cankles, I have lymphedema. Stop asking me why I wear sneakers, I have lymphedema. Stop asking me why my eyes bulge, I’ve got Graves’ disease. Stop asking me, like, dumb mess! Can we connect on a more cerebral level?”

Williams explained that she’d prefer to give advice about dating, school, or family, but wouldn’t be talking about her health any longer.

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