Wendy Williams Is Tired Of Being Made Fun Of For Her Health Conditions, ‘Stop Asking Me Why My Eyes Bulge’

This past year was an especially tough one for talk show host Wendy Williams. Not only did she find herself going through a messy and very public divorce, but she battled some pretty serious health problems. Williams has both lymphedema and Graves’ disease — which leads to some visual side effects — and on Friday, she made it clear she’s tired of being made fun of for these issues, according to Page Six.

Williams’ lymphedema condition leaves her with swollen ankles. Because of this, it’s rare for her to be seen in high heels. This has led to questions about her appearance during her “After Show”, which is when fans and viewers have the chance to ask her questions through social media. On Friday, an exasperated Williams took to Instagram to call out those who continue to inquire about her appearance, encouraging them to ask about more substantial things.

“Stop asking me about the cankles, I have lymphedema. Stop asking me why I wear sneakers, I have lymphedema. Stop asking me why my eyes bulge, I’ve got Graves’ disease. Stop asking me, like, dumb mess! Can we connect on a more cerebral level?”

She went on to say that she would be happy to answer questions about any number of topics, even offering advice about men, school, kids and family life. However, she stressed that she is done answering questions about her health.

“That’s what the after show is all about. It’s us, just talking, communicating, having fun, being silly but also informative,” the host continued.

Williams began to talk about her lymphedema openly in 2019. This is a condition in which blockage in the lymphatic system causes swelling in the arms, legs, and ankles. There is no cure, but it can be treated in various ways which would help alleviate the symptoms. Williams is able to receive treatment every day with the help of an in-home machine.

In July 2019, Williams discussed her lymphedema diagnosis and how it has affected her day to day life, as The Inquisitr previously reported. At that time, she brought up an unpleasant incident that happened on-air in 2017. While dressing up as the Statue of Liberty for Halloween, the host suddenly stopped speaking and got a strange look on her face. She then fainted, leaving her audience gasping and leading to a viral moment. While she thought she had overheated due to menopause, Williams now blames the fainting spell on her lymphedema.

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