DNC Is Staging A ‘Last-Minute’ Effort To Stop Bernie Sanders, Says Democratic Strategist

Amid its decision to change the debate requirements mid-primary and allow superdelegates to vote on the first ballot at the Democratic Party convention, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) is once again being accused of rigging the primary against Bernie Sanders.

Speaking with Breitbart News Saturday, Justin Horwitz, a Democratic strategist and Sanders supporter, spoke about the DNC’s purported attempt to prevent the Vermont Sen. from securing the nomination.

“It’s outrageous,” Horwitz said.

“If you just look at Tom Perez’s initial appointments to the committees that are going to oversee both the rules and party platform at the convention, it’s stacked with a bunch of Clinton, former Clinton surrogates,” he continued, pointing to the appointments of Barney Frank and John Podesta to the rules committee.

“It’s clearly, the Democratic National Committee — or the Democratic National Corporation as I like to call it — is clearly staging a last-minute effort to try and stop Sanders, because they see that he can actually win, and to them, that’s an unacceptable result.”

According to Horwitz, establishment Democrats don’t like Sanders because he has bucked the corporate money they believe is necessary for the party’s function and is disrupting the “established order in Washington, D.C.”

Horwitz also touched on frontrunner Joe Biden and said it’s clear he’s “not all there anymore.” He pointed to the former Vice President’s tendency to struggle to find words and said that this purported decline in mental function is why Michael Bloomberg jumped into the race.

As The Inquisitr reported, Ryan Grim, Washington, D.C. bureau chief of The Intercept, noted that Bloomberg donated $325,000 to the DNC before he entered the primary. The revelation comes as the DNC changed its debate rules to remove the donor requirement, which means Bloomberg now has a path to the debate stage.

Bernie Sanders’ senior adviser, Jeff Weaver, slammed the decision and accused Bloomberg of attempting to purchase his way to the Democratic nomination.

Sanders’ speechwriter David Sirota previously claimed that Bloomberg entered the race solely to stop the Vermont Sen. from winning, Raw Story reported. He pointed to the timing of Bloomberg’s announcement — aligned with Sanders’ rise in the polls — as well as the reported meeting between Bloomberg and billionaires Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates.

Regardless, recent reports of the DNC attempting to sideline Sanders have sparked an outcry, with many claiming that it will not be tolerated. Notably, Sanders’ national co-chair Nina Turner said that the DNC would not get away with manipulating the election against the candidate a second time around.

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