February 1, 2020
'The Masked Singer UK' Spoilers: Duck Revealed To Be '90s Legend, Skin, From Skunk Anansie

Tonight, another episode of the U.K.'s The Masked Singer aired. Usually, one contestant gets unmasked. However, two celebrities were eliminated this week.

For this week only, Sharon Osbourne and Kelly Osbourne stood in for Ken Jeong and tried to guess who was underneath the costumes alongside Rita Ora, Davina McCall, and Jonathan Ross.

The first eliminated contestant was Duck. This week, Duck performed Celine Dion's iconic "My Heart Will Go On." However, it wasn't enough to stay in the competition.

The panel and fans of the show always knew Duck was a female with a distinctive voice. Viewers were pretty confident from the first episode who was underneath the mask but the panel wasn't.

When it came down to taking the head off Duck's costume, it was revealed to be '90s icon Skin from Skunk Anansie.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, fans took to Twitter to express that they believed it was her and proved to be correct.

The panel failed to guess correctly and was very shocked after Skin showed her face.

Skin instantly looked at Kelly and reminded her that they both went on tour together. Kelly couldn't believe she didn't guess that it was Skin and admitted that her mind was blown.

Skin said she took part in the show because she wanted to try something completely different and over the top. The "All I Want" songstress admitted that it was challenging and really hard to do the show but it was also really fun.

The singer rose to fame in the mid-'90s with Brit-pop band Skunk Anansie. At the height of their success, they headlined Glastonbury Festival, making Skin the first black artist to ever headline the legendary festival.

After the unmasking of Duck, it was time to reveal one more identity. This time, it was Unicorn, who was clearly a male showman.

Throughout the weeks, the panel and viewers had all sorts of guesses for who it could be. Last week on social media, Jake Shears from Scissor Sisters was a popular choice.

Kelly and Sharon seemed pretty confident it was Shears and they got it right along with fans of the show.

The "I Don't Feel Like Dancin'" chart-topper expressed that he had the time of his life. When questioned why he wanted to take part, he believed it was up his alley and was a no brainer when he was asked to be a contestant.

Shears rose to fame as a member of Scissor Sisters in the early 2000s and is now a solo artist.

Now only five celebrities remain unmasked. To find out who they are, fans will have to keep watching each weekend.