Mar-A-Lago Car Chase Ends With Shots Fired By Law Enforcement

An SUV embarked on a wild car chase earlier today after breaching two separate security checkpoints that protect President Donald Trump‘s Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida. Police eventually stopped the vehicle after firing gunshots, per TMZ.

According to reports, a large black SUV attempted to make its way towards the entrance of the villa, breaking through two checkpoints in the process. Florida officers fired at the vehicle, causing it to flee. It is unclear which particular law enforcement officials fired the shots, or if anyone was injured.

“The SUV breached both security check points heading toward the main entrance,” a statement from the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office read, via NPR. “Officials (still trying to determine) discharged their firearms at the vehicle”

Florida Highway Patrol pursued the vehicle and eventually located it with the help of a police helicopter. There were two people in the SUV, and both have reportedly been arrested.

“The vehicle has NOW been located and two individuals are currently in custody,” the statement concluded.

Though Trump and his family are currently at the White House in Washington, they were scheduled to fly to Florida this evening. It is not known whether this scare will change their plans, and the president has not made any comment on the matter, either through official statements or on his Twitter account.

In addition, no information has been released about the two individuals in custody, such as whether the incident was motivated by a desire to attack the president. There have been unsubstantiated reports that the two drivers were women.

However, more details might be coming soon, as the sheriff’s office, Florida Highway Patrol, and U.S. Secret Service are expected to hold a press briefing later today.

Security at Mar-a-Lago is normally handled by private contractors; however, the Secret Service takes control during presidential visits. During these times, security is unsurprisingly tightened and even before the president arrives, Secret Service agents — often aided by local law enforcement — sweep the property for bombs and screen visitors with more strident checkpoints, as explained by the Miami Herald.

However, many have argued that security at what some have called the Winter White House is not strong enough. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, foreign policy expert Fred Kaplan claimed that the resort was a “spy’s dream come true” after citing both lax measures and Trump’s alleged disregard for security practices.

Kaplan’s criticism came after a Chinese national nearly entered the property and Democrats accordingly called for an FBI investigation to determine whether there were security risks at Trump’s Palm Beach home. However, it does not appear that a probe was opened.

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