Britney Spears Shows Off Her Bridge Pose While Doing Yoga In Front Of Her Christmas Tree

Britney Spears has over 23 million followers on Instagram and she loves to keep her fans updated. Most recently, the superstar singer showed off her yoga moves on a blue mat in front of her Christmas tree in a new video posted to Instagram.

As the video begins, her boyfriend, Sam Asghari, gives her two kisses before he walks out of the frame. He is dressed in exercise gear and appears to be heading off to his own workout as Britney gears up for hers. In the clip, the singer is wearing a pair of black workout pants and a green sports top. She is also wearing her long blond hair tied up.

The clip shows Britney in numerous yoga poses, including a bridge pose. She is then seen wearing what looks like the same workout pants with a gray t-shirt. She continues to do more poses including a headstand split in her routine.

What stood out as more notable than the bridge pose, however, was the fact that Britney’s Christmas tree is up in the background. The humongous tree stands in front of her large windows and features several silver and gold ornaments, including gold ribbons.

Within the first three hours of being posted, Britney’s new update had over 1 million views from her many followers. Not only did the video have a massive number of views, but also plenty of comments.

“QUEEN OF POP, YOGA, AND CHRISTMAS TREES!” one fan wrote in the comments.

“A yoga queen,” another fan commented.

Another pointed out that they loved the “Baby One More Time” singer’s more frequent social media posts, saying, “love having britney post more regularly! keep it up we love you :)”

Many people pointed out the Christmas tree still being up, but it turns out the clip may not have been one that was recently recorded, but rather one that she decided to post as a throwback.

In the caption, Britney acknowledged that she was missing her tree, hinting that it was no longer up at the time of posting. She then shouted out to her fans, letting them know she hoped they were having a “wonderful day.”

Prior to the new update, Britney also shared a photo of her Christmas tree last month. The image showed her standing alongside Asghari in front of the decorated tree, which was lit up in the photo. Britney’s smile shined nearly as bright as she posed beside her boyfriend and wished her followers a “Merry Christmas” in the caption.

Whether or not the video was taken today or a few weeks ago, it is clear that fans are loving the social media updates from Britney.