Ashton Kutcher Reveals Why He Won’t Talk About Mila Kunis, Or Anything

Ashton Kutcher interview

Ashton Kutcher is dating his former That 70’s Show co-star Mila Kunis, but both parties are completely silent about their relationship. Why? On Kutcher’s end, the answer is basically “because he doesn’t want to.”

In a recent interview with Elle Magazine, Kutcher said that he has learned a lot from his “past indiscretions,” and that part of that is guarding his privacy more closely. On dating Mila, he said:

“You know, I’ve learned the hard way how valuable privacy is. And I’ve learned that there are a lot of things in your life that really benefit from being private. And relationships are one of them. And I am going to do everything in my power to have this relationship be private. People will fill in the blanks however they want,” he said.

Whatever his reasons, it seems to be something that both he and Mila agree on. She hasn’t said word one about her relationship with Kutcher, even when she was confronted about it pretty boldly on The Ellen DeGeneres Show by the curious host. All we got out of that interview was a blush.

In other things Kutcher talked about by not talking about them at all: His affair being leaked to the press.

“When you become well known, you start to have suspicions about people’s intentions that you’re becoming close with,” Kutcher said.

“Because I think there’s been an artificial value that’s been put on fame in the world—people don’t want to do something. They just want to be famous. And so I think you develop a natural suspicion of that. And, you know, I have a little bit of naïveté about trusting people—with the notion that if you share and if you give to people, they’ll respect your privacy in turn. Unfortunately, that’s not the case.”

And does he still get along with Demi’s kids, despite divorce proceedings, affair, new girlfriend, et al?

“There are some things that are better left private. Someone once told me, ‘If anyone wants to be rich and famous, let them be rich first and see if they still want to be famous.'”

Are you a fan of Ashton Kutcher? Do you think that more celebrities should guard their relationships and their privacy?

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