Photographer Falls To Within Inches Of Crocodile Death [Video]

A photographer fell to within inches of his death after he tried to capture an image of a crocodile on a river bank. You can watch a video of the incident at the foot of the page.

The photographer was taking a picture by hiding in the grass on the river’s embankment, whilst his companion threw scraps of meat at the reptiles. This was so that they would come closer to the camera.

The man, named Antonio, failed to see that one of the beasts was hiding in the grass, and then had to recoil away, otherwise he would have been devoured.

Friends did try to warn him about the predator, but Antonio dismissed their fears before finally realising that they were right, and then he backed away and watched as the crocodile jumped back into the water.

Antonio then scrambled up the grass back to safety as his chums threw meat into the other direction to make sure he survived.

The incident took place on the Tarcoles River in Costa Rica, over a bridge entitled, Crocodile Bridge. It was filmed by one of the photographer’s friends, who then decided to post it online.

One of the viewers remarked upon seeing the video, “I almost feel bad for saying this, but this kid needs to learn his lesson. And it will not be pretty when he does. Idiotic behaviour.”

In December, there were two fatal crocodile attacks in the space of two weeks after a crocodile ate a boy of 12. The child was killed after a crocodile swam away and into a bed of water with the boy in his mouth.

A seven-year-old girl was killed just weeks earlier in Darwin, Australia. The crocodile was shot and then shortly afterwards investigators found the remains of what they thought was a child inside its carcass.

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