Google Stadia Comes Under Fire For Lack Of Updates Since Launch

When the Google Stadia platform was first announced, it was billed as something that was going to change the gaming world forever. Since its launch, the product has fallen well short of expectations, even by those who claimed they were devout fans since it was released.

This week, the pressure was dialed up a notch when a user in the platform's dedicated subreddit pointed out just how silent Google has been about Stadia since the much-heralded launch. Reddit user Gizoogle posted that it had officially been 40 days since the platform got a new game. They pointed out it's only been available for consumers for 69 days.

The user concluded the post by saying that fans of Google Stadia need to demand more of the service. They also implored other Reddit users to attempt to get better communication and more answers from the parent company.

"Now that everyone's renewal date is approaching, I think it's time we outline the issues (borrowing from another post of mine from a couple weeks ago) and attempt to get some sort of response from the Google team that inspires more confidence than what we've seen so far."
Gizoogle pointed out there haven't been any more updates on the additional games coming in 2020 beyond an announcement a little less than two weeks ago. The service expected to add 120 titles this year.

Google Stadia controllers on display
Getty Images | Drew Angerer

There also still isn't any mention of when Stadia will come to iOS and the service is still several months away from being able to offer content in 4K. Gizoogle also pointed out that there hasn't been any mention of the Stadia base or family sharing. What the Reddit user was most annoyed about was that the company hadn't come out and explained why there was still such a wait.

The company hadn't even come out and said there wasn't anything to report. The thread finally changed that, at least.

A community manager going by the moniker, GraceFromGoogle posted a response just a few hours later. The post by the manager attempted to make it clear she understood why the original poster, as well as several other people in the subreddit, were frustrated.

The Google employee also said that unfortunately, she wasn't able to come to the thread with any kind of big announcement. She did say she would be taking back the concerns and frustrations that were voiced by the many users who participated - the three had more than 8,000 upvotes and hundreds of replies - but she didn't have any big news on the horizon for Google Stadia. The question now is just how long fans of the service can be satiated by contact of any kind.