Ivanka Trump Faces Intense Backlash After Complaining About ‘Elites’

Ivanka Trump took to Twitter on Tuesday to defend her father by complaining about coastal “elites,” but her comments were met with intense backlash as people on social media pointed out that the president’s daughter could fall under the category of elite herself.

Ivanka shared a clip posted by The Daily Caller on Twitter that showed former Republican strategist Rick Wilson on Don Lemon’s show. The CNN host’s guests slammed Donald Trump’s followers as being ignorant and “rubes” and using fake southern accents as the host laughed so hard that he had to wipe the tears out of his eyes.

“You consistently make fun of half the country and then complain that it is divided. The arrogance, mocking accents and smug ridicule of this nation’s ‘Real Elites’ is disgusting,” Ivanka captioned her retweet.

Rick Wilson had a harsh response to Ivanka’s post.

“Someday, your children will know that their grandfather was a serial bankrupt, was duped by foreign powers,… insulted war heroes, and went down in history as an impeached, corrupt scumbag,” he wrote. “And really, isn’t that the greatest gift of all?”

Others pointed out that her father has mocked people himself, pointing to the time that Trump appeared to make fun of a reporter with a disability. The commenter told Ivanka to stay out of the debate.

“Please sit this one out, Nepotism Barbie. The roast that awaits you will not be pleasant,” the person wrote.

But what many people took issue with is Ivanka’s own privilege. One commenter said that Trump’s eldest daughter went to her private school via helicopter, while others pointed out that she wears expensive, designer clothing to attend D.C. parties and has a staff to assist her.

On top of that, some critics argued that Ivanka has used her fathers’ business connections to bolster her own business or to defraud business partners. As The Inquisitr previously reported, both Ivanka and her brother Donald Trump Jr. have also been accused of lying to investors in a real estate deal.

Reportedly, the siblings used false numbers to make it appear as though the property was worth more than it was by showing that more condos had been sold in a Trump SoHo property in New York City than had actually been sold.

The investors took legal action against the two for their part in the scheme, but the case was dropped by New York prosecutors.

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