Tyreek Hill & Girlfriend Sasha Aren’t Instagram Official — Yet

While Tyreek Hill has been previously linked to Crystal Espinal, the pair appears to have finally called it quits, and it seems that Hill has moved on with a new girlfriend, Sasha Iolani (her name on Instagram). Fans of the Super Bowl star, who has had a troubled past with his previous girlfriend, are hoping he will soon make things more official when it comes to Sasha.

According to Black Sports Online, Hill previously posted a picture of himself and Sasha to his Instagram story. The photo showed Sasha and Hill together, both wearing matching jerseys, as they hugged in front of the stadium. However, there has been no further evidence of the pair’s possible relationship.

Rumors have been circulating regarding Tyreek and Sasha since October of last year when she was reportedly at Arrowhead Stadium for the Chief’s 31-24 loss to the Texans. Nonetheless, the two haven’t officially confirmed they are dating.

Sasha Often Flaunts Her Body On Instagram


While Sasha and Tyreek are rumored to be in a relationship, Sasha’s snaps show only herself and, on occasion, some of her female friends. Most of her images reveal her toned physique. Even though many images display glamorous outfits and poses, Sasha also likes to shake things up with the inclusion of some low-key glamour as well.

While Hill has a relatively large Instagram following of 1 million, Sasha Iolani’s account is small in comparison with less than 1,000 followers.

Sasha Has Also Been Known To Rock More Casual Looks


One of Sasha’s uploads reveals her slim waist as she reclines on a chair to take the selfie. With her hair pulled back, she is clearly not fearful of rocking the makeup-free look. Nothing but a gold necklace with a green pendant is used to accessorize her outfit. A small tattoo of a feather can be seen on one hand.

Whether wearing a sparkling black dress and killer heels or lounging around in a baseball cap or workout gear, Sasha certainly seems to have the Instagram blend down nicely. Many snaps show Sasha in full makeup, but she also adds some with no enhancement at all. Most recently, she posted a casual image of herself last week with a female companion at a restaurant. Smiling at the camera, with her long blue nails on display, she certainly rocked her casual-chic look.

Sasha Shares Very Little About Her Personal Life On Social Media


For those who are hoping to find out more personal details about Sasha, it appears Hill’s rumored girlfriend is remaining tight-lipped. While she is happy to share revealing images, Sasha has refrained from adding too much detail regarding the pictures or even about herself via her Instagram account. Many snaps include only the barest of information, some forgoing captions altogether or only using an emoji. As for geotags, giving away her location, curious fans won’t find any information there, either.

So, it would seem that this tentative new couple is keeping things under wraps for now. As to when they will ever reveal their relationship via Instagram remains to be seen, and followers will just have to watch their social media accounts closely in the hope that they post something further regarding their involvement.