‘General Hospital’ Weekly Spoilers: Here’s What’s Coming When The Show Returns

General Hospital spoilers tease that things will be quite intense throughout Port Charles whenever ABC is able to start airing new episodes again. Viewers have been left hanging for about a week now and it isn’t known when things will be able to get back on track. In the meantime, plenty of spoilers about the next week’s worth of episodes are available, which will have people quite anxious to see what’s next.

Since the next new episode for folks in the United States was already shown in Canada, detailed General Hospital spoilers for it are already available. The explosion of the upcoming mob war will have everybody scrambling and it sounds as if there’s plenty of fallout ahead.

In addition, viewers will see more of the baby swap drama unfolding. According to Soap Central, Willow is going to be quite perplexed by Brad’s behavior in the days ahead.

Brad has been under a great deal of stress in recent months and that has only increased with recent developments. Willow understands that Lucas’ condition and Brad trying to handle things on his own is generating a lot of anxiety for Brad.

Of course, what Willow doesn’t realize is that Nelle’s release and the bombshell she could drop at any moment is really what’s driving Brad’s increasingly strange behavior.

During the next few episodes, General Hospital spoilers note that the contentious relationship between Valentin and Lulu will become more complicated as well. He’s not remaining behind bars as many had hoped and Lulu will be bold and vocal about her intentions when it comes to protecting Charlotte from him.

Viewers will be seeing plenty of Martin in the days ahead as well, as he sticks by Valentin’s side. Apparently, Martin will be concerned about his client and additional legal problems are on the horizon for Valentin.

Sam will be showing some confidence in someone she considers an ally and Anna will struggle over her concerns about Peter. Tracy and Ned will be butting heads, probably in large part over the ELQ issues, and General Hospital spoilers tease that the sparks will be flying between Jax and Nina.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Jason will soon deliver someone a warning. This is probably connected to the explosive action set to happen in the next new episode. Fans will be curious to see who is responsible for this attack on Sonny and his territory.

Jordan is going to be feeling anxious about what’s on the horizon and General Hospital spoilers suggest that Curtis may remain involved in this. He’ll be suspicious about something, but is this related to his personal or business life?

As frustrating as this current hiatus is for fans, General Hospital spoilers tease that big things are on the way. The truth about Wiley will be revealed soon and Trina’s connection to a surprise relative will be explored, too. There are signs that Nina’s true biological daughter will be revealed as well and Nikolas’ return is supposed to impact Elizabeth and Franco in a major way somehow.

The hiatus of new General Hospital episodes may continue for part of — or all of — the current week. However, ABC has promised that fans won’t miss any of the upcoming action.

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