‘General Hospital’ Hiatus Continues: New Episodes Remain On Hold As Senate Impeachment Trial Progresses

It looks like ABC is trying to start the week off on the right foot with frustrated fans of General Hospital. Spoilers have teased that the next few episodes are going to be unbelievably wild and crazy. Unfortunately, due to the ongoing televised coverage of the Trump impeachment trial in the Senate, the new shows keep getting delayed. On Monday morning, the GH social media channels shared a new post and tried to get in everybody’s good graces again.

Granted, what would make General Hospital fans exceedingly happy this Monday would be to learn that ABC is ready to resume airing new episodes. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like that is the case quite yet.

The new post on the General Hospital Twitter page includes a short video featuring Laura Wright and Steve Burton. The two GH cast members, who play Carly Corinthos and Jason Morgan, are good buddies both on screen and off. The two were all smiles as they tried to give fans a bit of reassurance that this hiatus might not last too much longer.

The video and post caption encourage General Hospital fans to keep an eye on the show’s social media channels to find out when the fresh episodes will resume. In fact, the wording of the caption suggests that there might be substantial news of some sort on Monday.

For the past week, those behind General Hospital have been pushing new episodes out day-by-day. This has been quite frustrating for viewers, and that escalated at the end of last week when it seemed that updates weren’t coming at all. Many fans have expressed their wish that ABC would put the shows online or find an alternative. Now, it sounds as if the network might be listening.

ABC executive Nathan Varni responded to a couple of fans via Twitter on Sunday in a way that suggested ABC might be considering their options.

“We’re actually trying to get episodes out sooner than later, hope for an update soon to share!” Varni replied to one frustrated General Hospital fan on Sunday.

Varni also noted that they are excited for everybody to see these big winter episodes, and he suggested that there would be an update at some point later this week.

General Hospital spoilers tease that there are good reasons why those behind the show want to do their best to ensure that the next episode is seen in full by everybody. Crazy developments are on the way that will set the stage for all of the chaos coming throughout February sweeps.

Other soap operas and primetime shows haven’t been put on hiatus like General Hospital has, and GH fans have taken notice. It’s not known yet when the impeachment trial will wrap up and it sounds as if ABC might be ready to come at this with a different plan. For now, however, it looks like everybody will have to continue to hang tight and wait for additional updates.

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