Kobe Bryant Kids: How Many Children Did He Have?

Rachel Dillin

Former Los Angeles Lakers star and NBA legend Kobe Bryant died after his personal helicopter crashed, sending shockwaves through NBA fans and the world. Kobe's 13-year-old daughter, Gianna, was also on board at the time of the crash and has also died.

The father of four is survived by his wife, Vanessa Bryant, and three daughters Natalia, Bianka and their infant Capri, who was born in July 2019. Natalia was born in 2003, and she turned 17 last week. Bianka, born in 2016, recently celebrated her third birthday.

In looking at his social media, Kobe appeared to be an involved father, and he often posted pictures of his daughters.

Natalia attends Sage Hill High School in Los Angeles, California, and she plays volleyball.

"Coaching youth sports is so important to take very seriously because you're helping the emotional (development) of young kids," Bryant said. "So it's understanding not to be overcritical and understanding that (there) are going to be mistakes."

As a coach, he spent the majority of the practices teaching the young players the fundamentals of basketball, so that they will have a strong foundation for their future games.

According to TMZ, Kobe and Gigi were on their way to the Mamba Academy in Thousand Oaks, California, for a basketball practice at the time of the helicopter crash.

Last Halloween, Kobe shared an adorable family costume that included Vanessa and their four girls. They dressed up as characters from The Wizard of Oz. There is no doubt that Kobe loved his daughters.