Chrissy Teigen Shares Excitement Over Her Super Bowl Ad With John Legend

Rich PolkGetty Images

Chrissy Teigen is thrilled that her fans will be seeing her on their televisions on Super Bowl Sunday.

On Friday, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model, Lip Sync Battle host, and social media comedian took to Twitter to reveal that she’ll be starring in a Super Bowl ad along with her husband, singer and The Voice coach John Legend. Chrissy seemed pretty excited that she was given more lines than her spouse had for the commercial.

“I HAVE A SUPERBOWL COMMERCIAL! John also in it but who cares I have most of it and he just makes faces!! They let me talk!!!!!!!” Chrissy wrote.

According to Ad Age, Chrissy and John will be appearing in the first Super Bowl ad for Genesis, Hyundai’s luxury car brand. The famous couple will be trying to interest football fans in the automaker’s new GV80 mid-size SUV.

Chrissy and John’s ad will be one minute long, but fans can already watch two short teaser clips. Chrissy shared one of them on her Twitter page. In the clip, she and John were all dressed up for an extravagant party. Chrissy was rocking a glamorous white gown with a sheer overlay, glittering sequin appliques, and a sheer cape trimmed with white feathers.

The couple were shown approaching the party’s “oyster bar,” which was a small mountain of the slimy shellfish sitting in front of a large purple shell display. When an eager Chrissy grabbed one of the half-shells, the entire stack of oysters came tumbling down. This caused all of the other pretentious and presumably wealthy partygoers to stare at Chrissy and John in shocked silence.

“That was not me. That was John Legend, the singer,” Chrissy said, addressing her audience. “Not me, some random girl. That was John Legend.”

Before fleeing the scene, Chrissy grabbed an oyster off of the floor, saying that she hated to see it “go to waste.”

John shared the second teaser clip on his Twitter page. In the video, one of the stuffy soiree attendees was bragging to Chrissy about how he had ice brought in from the Arctic to create a large cherub sculpture. Chrissy was munching on crackers as he spoke.

“Well, I had these crackers brought in from my purse,” she responded. “So, whoop-de-doo.”

Chrissy and John’s Super Bowl ad was created by Innocean. According to Bob Rayburn, the executive creative director for the ad agency, his goal was to make luxury “fun.” He pointed out that luxury car ads are often lacking in humor, saying that many of them include “messaging that acts like their car features are curing polio.”

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, “Get Ur Freak On” singer Missy Elliott and R&B songstress H.E.R. are two more famous faces that viewers will be seeing on Super Bowl Sunday. The two musicians are teaming up for a Pepsi Zero Sugar ad.