Paula White-Cain, Donald Trump’s ‘Spiritual Adviser,’ Prays For ‘Satanic Pregnancies’ To Be Aborted

On Friday, Donald Trump became the first serving president to attend the annual March For Life, one of the largest anti-abortion protests of the year. But in a recent sermon, his own spiritual adviser Paula White-Cain, a controversial Florida televangelist, prayed for a mass abortion of “Satanic pregnancies,” according to a video of White-Cain’s speech posted to Twitter by the watchdog group Right Wing Watch.

In October, Trump appointed White-Cain to a post in his administration, leading his Faith and Opportunity Initiative, which is designed to allow religious organizations a greater voice in government policy. But while many previous presidents have embraced religious figures as at least informal advisers, White-Cain is the first presidential spiritual adviser to preach the so-called “prosperity gospel,” which holds that Christian faith should lead to great wealth, according to a Mother Jones magazine investigative report.

White-Cain has previously condemned opponents and critics of Trump as practitioners of “sorcery and witchcraft.” But prior to her appointment to the Trump White House, she has been criticized herself for allegedly scamming her followers, though a Senate investigation of her Paula White Ministries ultimately was unable to find that she had committed any wrongdoing.

White-Cain’s church declared bankruptcy in 2012, however.

In the recent sermon seen in the video above, White-Cain — who as a member of the administration would draw a taxpayer-funded government salary — again appears to take aim at the opponents of Trump, calling on her followers to “cancel every surprise from the witchcraft in the make-believe kingdom.” She also declared that “we come against the marine kingdom” and the “animal kingdom.”

She also calls to “break” the “strange winds” that have been “sent against our president,” as well as against herself.

In the most striking section of her sermon, however, White appears to call for Jesus to perform a mass abortion.

“In the name of Jesus, we command all satanic pregnancies to miscarry right now,” White-Cain says in the sermon. She goes on to call for further miscarriages of “anything that’s been conceived in Satanic wombs.”

Which pregnancies White-Cain considers “Satanic” is never explained in the sermon, nor does the controversial evangelist elaborate on what she refers to by the term “Satanic wombs.”

A White House spokesperson has described the evangelist’s employment by the administration as “part-time” and said that she is permitted to hold separate employment even as she works for Trump’s Faith Initiative.

White-Cain, like Trump, has been married three times, according to The New York Times. She is currently married to Jonathan Cain, the longtime keyboardist and songwriter for the rock group Journey, who is also co-writer of the band’s best-known hit, “Don’t Stop Believin'”

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