Marianne Williamson Makes Case For Andrew Yang In Iowa: ‘He’s An Important Voice’

Not long after she exited the primary, former Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson returned to Fairfield, Iowa. On Friday, she made an appearance to support candidate Andrew Yang at the city’s town hall, Iowa Starting Line reported.

Although the self-help guru has not officially endorsed Yang’s campaign and endorsed Bernie Sanders in 2016, Williamson claims that Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are likely to pass Iowa. As such, she wants to help the 44-year-old serial entrepreneur remain in the race.

“You’re not necessarily determining who’s going to be president, but you are determining who’s going to be an important voice in this race,” said Williamson, as she explained why she believes Yang is a voice that should continue to be heard.

“Andrew’s is an important voice of the happy warrior. He’s an important voice of progressivism that lays it down, but lays it down with joy … He has three personality characteristics that I believe are important: his self-confidence, his positivity and his levity.”

Williamson said that people are “exhausted” with American politics, elaborating that the country is yearning for someone who can put an end to political fighting, which has become commonplace in Washington.

Yang took the stage after Williamson, speaking about his agreement with her politics and how he has learned from her.

“She talks about this psychological and spiritual clash, and frankly, struggle and dissent that we’re dealing with.”

Although Yang recently passed Pete Buttigieg in a national Emerson poll — putting him in fourth place — he still remains in sixth place overall. Currently, the presidential candidate only has 4 percent support — a position he has remained in for some time. Despite the odds against him, Yang appears to be in the race for the long-haul. Recently, Yang invested heavily in TV ads, which have increased his name recognition immensely.

If Yang fails to secure the nomination, he has expressed his openness to working with other candidates in whatever capacity he is needed. As Yahoo News previously reported, Yang said that he has the closest relationship with former Vice President Joe Biden — who has echoed Yang’s central campaign issues on multiple occasions.

Biden is “very concerned” about the fourth industrial revolution and the automation of jobs that purportedly threatens the American middle class, according to Yang. The businessman said it made him “excited” to find that Biden is listening to the dangers of automation, which is a topic that his campaign directly addresses and that he explored in his book, The War on Normal People.

In the lead up to the Iowa caucuses on February 3, Yang is currently traversing Iowa for a 17-day bus tour.

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