Tom Sandoval Suggests There Was More To His TomTom Fight With Stassi Schroder Than Was Shown

Tom Sandoval appears on Watch What Happens Live
Charles Sykes / Bravo

The January 21 episode of Vanderpump Rules saw a very tense fight between Tom Sandoval and Stassi Schroeder. The former appeared to be upset with Stassi after not being informed directly about a book signing the author was hosting at his establishment, TomTom.

It was revealed that Stassi had spoken to co-owners Lisa Vanderpump and Tom Schwartz about the event, and she didn’t feel the need to address anything extra with Sandoval. The 36-year-old was more than peeved about being left out of the loop since he allegedly makes the schedule for the restaurant and was worried about the event being understaffed.

He sent Stassi a text the night before the event saying he would kick her out of TomTom and expressed his frustration over being left out of the planning. This caused an actual blow up at the event where Stassi dubbed her frenemy as “ridiculous” and “egotistical,” and many viewers of the show seemed to agree with the Next Level Basic author.

Now, he is speaking up on social media, hinting that there was more to the scenario and why he was frustrated with Stassi, but it just wasn’t shown in the episode. The bar owner interacted with a fan on a recent Instagram post where he made the suggestion.

“WOW! Tom- you’re my husband and my favorite and we can’t believe how ridiculous and egotistical you were on tonight’s episode. Your [sic] usually so reasonable. Bummer,” the fan wrote.

“Thank u for saying that, there was so much more going on behind the scenes… wish we could fit it all in… my major stress and frustration was definitely misdirected,” Tom responded.

While Tom is alluding that there was more to his fight with Stassi, it looks like he took some responsibility by saying his anger was misdirected. Despite sharing a lot of the same close friends, Stassi and Tom have never really seen eye-to-eye. The Straight Up With Stassi host also noted in the episode that Tom has never liked her and she’s just not sure why.

While Tom’s girlfriend, Ariana Madix, appeared to have his back during the TomTom altercation, she admitted on Twitter that her boyfriend’s behavior that day wasn’t quite appropriate. Ariana confirmed that she told Tom to not send Stassi the rage text the night before the event and to just go to bed, a suggestion which he ignored.

The Fancy AF Cocktails author also noted to a different viewer that she agreed Tom wasn’t acting like a professional business owner, but he’s allowed to be “imperfect” once in a while.

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