Mime Attacks Student On Georgia College Campus

A mime attacked a woman on the University of Georgia campus early this week, leaving the young student bruised and the mime behind bars.

The incident happened on West Broad Street in Athens, Georgia. The student who was attacked had just parked her car at close to 11 am and was getting ready to walk to class. The mime reportedly caught the 20-year-old student on the walk to class and began yelling at the girl.

The alleged attacker, 37-year-old Stephanie Walker, was dressed in all black with her face painted white.

While Walker had the attire down, she apparently forgot the number one rule of being a mime — keeping quiet. Walker reportedly began ranting at the student and accusing the frightened girl of watching her on television.

As the mime attacked the student, the girl told her attacker that she didn’t even have a television, but it failed to stop the assault. The mime reportedly grabbed her by the ponytail and began hitting her, then pushed her to the ground.

The attack was brought to an end when a motorist saw the mime assaulting the student and got out to help. The man chased Walker down, and was helped by two probation officers who joined in to detain her.

A police officer tried to talk to the mime after the incident to get her side of events, but found that she “was ranting back and forth without making any sense.”

Police arrested the mime for attacking the student, and in jail found that she had a straight razor in her purse. A mugshot taken during her arrest showed the mime without makeup, her hair disheveled and a blank stare on her face. She was charged with battery and will undergo a mental evaluation.

Records did not indicate whether the mime who attacked the student had a lawyer. Hopefully for her it’s one who will speak.

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