‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: One Returning Bachelorette Causes Chaos Among Peter’s Ladies

A new preview teases big spoilers for The Bachelor regarding what is on the way with Episode 4. Peter Weber eliminated Alayah Benavidez after some fellow bachelorettes badmouthed her, but he almost immediately regretted it. Teasers reveal that Alayah is returning and she’s bringing some juicy gossip with her.

Entertainment Weekly shares the new sneak peek that ties together some previous The Bachelor spoilers from blogger Reality Steve.

Reality Steve’s spoilers indicated that Alayah would return to the show as a contestant. During her brief time away from filming, it seems that she caught up on some real-time tidbits about Victoria Fuller’s prior romantic relationship with singer Chase Rice.

As viewers will see in Episode 4, Chase performs for Victoria and Peter during a one-on-one, and Alayah will end up mentioning this prior connection to another contestant.

The buzz is that Victoria does eventually tell Peter about her past with Chase, but she doesn’t mention it to any of the ladies. The Bachelor spoilers suggest that Alayah doesn’t realize this and doesn’t necessarily mean any harm when she casually mentions it to someone. To Victoria, however, it seemed like a very big deal.

In the new sneak peek, Victoria tracks down Alayah to confront her. Victoria questions why all the other women seem to be buzzing about this Chase situation, and she will say it’s absurd that Alayah thought it was okay to talk about it.

Alayah seems rather dumbfounded by how upset Victoria is, and she tries to explain she didn’t know anybody else knew and she didn’t know it would be a big deal. The Bachelor spoilers indicate that Victoria will claim that this past relationship is very personal to her, and she says she’s going to tell Peter all about Alayah’s pot-stirring.

Victoria will even mock Alayah and her reaction, as Victoria calls her fellow Bachelor contestant manipulative. Spoilers tease that Victoria will leave the confrontation intent on throwing Alayah under the bus again with Peter.

According to Reality Steve’s spoilers, Alayah’s return upsets a number of ladies, not just Victoria. It seems that Alayah surprises everybody during a group date after-party. After a talk with Peter where she tries to set things straight, she ends up getting the group date rose and rejoining the show.

After Victoria blows up at her, it seems that Alayah is basically ostracized from the rest of the group. Apparently, before the rose ceremony, she and Peter have another talk.

The Bachelor spoilers from Reality Steve reveal that after this talk, Alayah will end up leaving again. While he has heard that it was her decision to leave, it’s not known yet whether that’s how it’ll be portrayed during Monday’s show.

Alayah’s brief return definitely stirs up some chaos in the house, and fans seemingly have a lot to look forward to in Episode 4. The Bachelor spoilers tease that there’s plenty more drama on the way with Peter’s season, and big twists and turns are on the way.

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